The most significant challenge we encounter in life is the quest to discover our true selves. Often, we mistakenly view self-understanding as secondary allowing life to carry us along without ever pausing to confront the most profound question we will ever face: Who am I, at the core of my being? How can I navigate the complexities of the real world with authenticity?
To become the most valuable and genuine version of ourselves, whether as a friend, partner, parent, or simply as an individual, we must embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. This journey is not a luxury but a necessity, a path that promises growth and fulfilment. It entails introspection, introspection into our values, our beliefs and what we have to offer to the world.
In embracing this personal odyssey, we not only identify who we aspire to be but also wholeheartedly commit to manifesting our unique destiny, whatever that destiny may entail. It is about acknowledging our inherent potential and at the same time remaining receptive and vulnerable to the multitude of experiences that life presents.
This introspective journey is a universal endeavour, one that transcends cultural, social, or demographic boundaries. It is a profound exploration of the self, a quest to uncover our inner truths and a dedication to living a life aligned with our genuine aspirations. In a world filled with external pressures and distractions, finding one’s true self becomes the compass that guides us towards a more authentic existence, enabling us to be a source of genuine value to those around us and the world at large.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for individuals who wish to explore and nurture their unique qualities, unlock their potential, envision their future and attain a state of wellbeing.
Eudaimonia is a 36-hour educational journey for ages between 16 to 24 and 25 to 40 who want to acquire leadership skills, set personal goals and find their purpose in life.
Program structure
  • 8 days online training via Zoom or Classroom-based training.

Learning Path

  • Who we are: Understand how some of the world sees millennials.
  • Our Life: Discuss the notion of “The unexamined life”.
  • Important Definitions: Define Eudaimonia, happiness, wellbeing, good life, and how to achieve them.
  • How we function: Understand the three levels of self-awareness: Head, Heart, Hands.
  • Eudaimonia: Embody the notions of Arete, Phronesis and Character.
  • Interbeing: Understand that eudaimonia is created through interaction and not isolation.
  • Learning together: Create trust relationships and psychological safety among us.


  • Learn about yourself through pathways and instruments for self-examination.
  • State of being: Understand your current state of being through the PERMA self-assessment.
  • Talents and strengths: Realise your talents and strengths, life mission, fears and blind spots.
  • Personality archetype: Know your Enneagram Tritype character and personality.
  • Owning your ambition: Find your Ikigai, your purpose and meaning in life.
  • Ambition & excellence: Explore your RIASEC in order to find your field.
  • My dreams vs. my limiting beliefs: Uncover some of your limiting beliefs about yourself.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Explore Emotional Intelligence i.e. Relating to others, exerting Compassion and Reappraising an event.
  • Handling Criticism: Discover how you can handle Criticism with emotional intelligence.
  • Debating: Learn and practice the rules of emotional intelligent by debating others.
  • Economy, Ecology and Society: Become aware of the global challenges you face and the levels of freedom, urgency and responsibility you will need to tackle them.
  • Biases, judgement & decision making: Explore the workings of the brain and the cognitive biases that profoundly impact our way of thinking.
  • Debiasing: Learn and use debiasing techniques that improve individual and group decision making.
  • Character and Thinking: Understand the way our Character affects our thinking patterns.
  • Solving real challenges: Develop solutions for real problems you face through Design Thinking.
  • Problem definition: Understand the nature of a real problem through empathy mapping.
  • Creativity: Develop creative solution with the use of ideation techniques.
  • Prototype Development and Testing: Learn how to use MoSCoW prioritisation and test your solution prototype.
  • Use of Resources: Assess the efficiency levels of individual and team’s available resource.
  • Effective Teamwork: Spot any dysfunctions in your team and learn how to improve teamwork.
  • Effective Communication: Develop the skills needed for effective communication.
  • Active Listening: Practice active listening techniques.
  • Personality and Communication: Realise the role of your Enneagram Tritype personality on relating and communicating with others.
  • Young Entrepreneurship: Get acquainted with the virtues and values of entrepreneurship and how they can make a difference in the world.

The influential life

  • The essence of Leadership: Understand what makes a leader.
  • Measuring Leadership: Understand and embody the Practices, Commitments and Behaviors that make exemplary leaders.
  • Your Best-Leadership Experience: Realise that leadership is a choice.
  • On Becoming a Better Leader: Demonstrate your leadership abilities via a Lego game.
  • Choosing to be a leader: Focus on your leadership behaviours and potential and decide what leader you want to be.

Are You Ready To Start?

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