Personality Testing

Personality testing is a tool used in several different ways, especially in the employment industry. First and foremost it is used as a recruitment process and recognised as a way of gaining insight into an individual’s personality and psychological thinking.  In other words, it helps a potential employer learn the ways in which an individual’s mind works, the type of personality an individual may exhibit and whether or not these particular traits will work well with individuals who are already employed within the company.  It can also be used with individuals who are already employed to help develop the team spirit in the workplace, assess an individual’s priorities and evaluate the ability of an individual to perform leadership tasks.

At some stage in your working career you will probably be asked to complete a personality test, either as a prospective employee or as a means of improving worksite relationships. It is important that you answer questions truthfully and honestly so that the interpretation of these test results are accurate, there is no pass or fail.  This means there are no right or wrong answers. Do not answer the questions in a desirable way and what you think your current or future employer wants to hear; the employer will focus on the wrong areas for development for you and you may end up feeling misunderstood and may lose interest in the job.

Once you complete the personality test you will have the results within 24 hours. The timing does not start until you begin the test so spend some time relaxing and getting ready for action. Good luck!