60-minute online sessions on career progression and mental health


The sessions are designed for individuals who are motivated to master every aspect of career progression. Whether you are seeking to navigate rejections, secure a new job or switch careers or aim for a promotion, the sessions provide valuable guidance and support.

Throughout the sessions we will integrate strategies to manage stress, anxiety and personal challenges and you will gain tools to navigate your career journey with resilience and self-care.

You will gain the knowledge, skills and support needed to advance your career while prioritising your mental health.

  • Recognise the factors that contribute to job search stress.
  • Identify common challenges and obstacles in the job search process.
  • Exploring key questions to ask yourself before initiating a job search.
  • Evaluate your skills, interests, values and career goals to ensure alignment with your desired path.
  • Acknowledge and validate emotions related to leaving a job and transitioning to a new one.
  • Techniques for emotional self-care during the job search journey.
  • Tips to demonstrate your ability to stay current and relevant despite periods of unemployment.
  • Tips for highlighting your skills, experiences and achievements to attract employers’ attention.
  • Effective CV Templates:Adapt your CV to demonstrate your transferable skills and suitability for a different position within your current industry.
  • Emphasise relevant experiences and qualifications to make a compelling case for career transition.
  • Techniques for addressing employment gaps in your CV and highlighting relevant experiences during a career break.
  • Strategies for showcasing transferable skills and aligning them with the requirements of a new industry.
  • Learn the essential components and structure of a cover letter.
  • Identify key information to include, such as an introduction, relevant experiences, skills and a compelling closing statement.
  • Definition and purpose of a brag file in the job application process.
  • Choosing a format that aligns with your preferences and showcases your achievements appropriately.
  • Understand the role of questions in the interview process.
  • The benefits of asking thoughtful and relevant questions.
  • Leverage research findings to ask more insightful and impactful questions during the interview.
  • Differentiate between common question types: behavioural, situational, hypothetical and technical.
  • Uncover the intentions behind interview questions and how to tailor responses effectively.
  • Techniques for structuring and delivering effective STAR responses.
  • Understand the purpose and significance of each stage, including resume screening, interviews, assessments and reference checks.
  • Strategies to effectively communicate your qualifications, skills and experiences.
  • Showcase your fit with the company’s culture and values.
  • Understand the concept of emotional intelligence and its relevance in the interview context.
  • Learn how to adjust your body language during telephone interviews, face-to-face and panel interviews, role plays, assessment days and presentations.