How to Start Each Day with More Productivity and Focus

When you get up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do?

Many of us rush to the computer to check emails, only to become instantly engrossed in routine and “have to do” tasks.

The trouble is that before you know it, it’s lunchtime and you may not feel like you’ve accomplished anything.

Each of us has our own morning routine and you should devote some time to develop yours so that it serves you well.

The first hour of your day is crucial since it sets the tone for the rest of your day.

It’s an ideal moment to deal with the issues that need our most concentrated thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Here are some suggestions for making the most of your first hour of the day.

  • Eat First

Coffee is fantastic for waking you up and helping you focus, but your brain requires nourishment to function properly. Eat something before you start thinking about work, even if it’s simply a yoghurt or a banana. You’ve been fasting for almost 8 hours. You won’t be able to concentrate or think effectively on an empty stomach.

  • Starting with the Inbox isn’t a good idea.

Too many individuals begin by checking their email. Do you know how many emails you get every day and how many you react to? It’s possible that it’ll be far over a hundred. Your inbox is clogged with several discussions going on at once. Starting with your inbox will most certainly leave you exhausted by the end of your first hour of work. Emails, of course, require a reply. Rather than going through each email and dividing your attention and focus on the next one, a better method is to skim through them and select what has to be done quickly. Then, when you’re dealing with a specific issue, go through it one by one.

  • Focus on the Big Picture

Before you get started on the tiny details, spend the first hour of your day taking a look at the broad picture. Examine your calendar and consider what’s coming up in the following weeks or months. Assess what’s most essential to you, as well as your values and objectives. It’s a lot easier to decide what has to be done today and what should be done first when you have a larger picture in mind.

  • Create a to-do list.

Create a to-do list with a timer for each item if you truly want to manage your time for the day. Stick to the times you’ve established with the help of a timer. Another technique to keep track of your to-do list is to assign each task a milestone. You may be working on numerous projects at the same time. Select a sensible and productive stopping point for each so that you may complete the remaining tasks.

  • Do Something Fun

You might want to start your day with something completely unrelated to work. Set aside 20 minutes to indulge in a hobby for example. This enables you to wake up and begin the day in a positive, calm frame of mind. You might not feel as rushed as you would if you started working right away. Similarly, some people choose to begin their day with some mild exercise or a walk.

  • What’s Your Best First-Hour Strategy?

For the first hour of your day, experiment with a few new concepts and see how they inspire you. Keep a journal or scribble down some ideas. Keep track of your energy levels and any stress you may be experiencing during the day. Put into practise your morning routine after you’ve found one that works for you.

Elena Eleftheriadou is an Executive Coach and Integrative Therapist working with Healthcare Professionals with a purpose and passion to help them communicate more effectively, diminish stress and prevent burnout to improve their work-life balance.